"My daughter has loved singing since she was tiny. As she grew older, she was unsure of which genre she wanted to sing. As a parent, I wanted my daughter to experience graded exams and develop her voice, as I could see she loved to sing more than anything else. Catherine offers both of these elements and much, much more.
Less than 12 months as Catherines student, my daughter adores musical theatre; has passed her grade five with distinction; taken part in her first music festival, and came first, and also joined Voice your voice choir. This is all down to Catherine encouraging my daughter to be the best that she can be. Thank you to Catherine Victoria Academy. Grace can't wait until the new term in September, to start back with the choir, and start preparing for her grade 6 and southport festival." A Wingate 

"My daughter had expressed an interest in singing for a long time but had always said she was to embarrassed to sing in front of anyone. Within ten minutes of first meeting Catherine I was sitting watching my daughter singing a song from Moana alongside a piano and she was just loving it. Every week I have a very happy girl when she leaves Catherine’s singing class and I can see how much enjoyment she gets from going. I highly recommend catherine to anyone who has a child that shows an interest in singing/ performing. I just wish I could have a sing along too." C Jones

"Catherine is an excellent, dedicated singing teacher, who makes all the children she works with feel valued and talented. My daughter Lucy has made fantastic progress since working with Catherine, both in her singing and confidence performing to an audience, both individually as well as part of the fabulous Voice your Voice choir. Thank you, Catherine, you are a superstar!" F Wood

"My 9yr-old daughter joined Catherine's choir earlier this year after a really enjoyable taster session. It's wonderful to see how confident she is and how many new friends she's made; all possible thanks to Catherine's professional and infectious style. We've already attended many festivals to see the choir perform and I'm genuinely blown-away at the standards their achieving." R Pendleton

"Catherine has been teaching my son and daughter piano for three years and we are so happy to have found her. They both enjoy her classes, the Christmas show and they have done well in exams and competitions. Amber is also excited to join the Showstopper Class in the Autumn.
I highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking for someone professional and talented to teach their children." J Ashman

"My daughter Charlotte is 6 and attends Catherine's Voice your Voice sessions and Choir. She started with Catherine when she was 5. Catherine welcomed Charlotte with a smile and amazing enthusiasm on her first lesson and Charlotte was immeadiately at ease. Since then Charlotte has loved attending lessons and looks forward to them every week. Catherine has consistently supported and inspired Charlotte to perform in front of audiences and undertake her pre-grade exam in Musical Theatre. I'd like to thank Catherine and I thoroughly recommend the Academy. Charlotte has formed great friendships and has enjoyed the academy culture of friendliness and support - the holiday workshops are a firm favourite! Thank you Catherine!" R Wakerley

"Catherine is an amazing singing teacher who supports every child she teaches, she is enthusiastic and encourages you to choose which songs to sing whilst helping you pick what suits your voice best." - Katy age 10.

"Since my daughter Katy started singing lessons with Catherine her confidence has spiralled! She never stops singing and loves her singing lessons, the contemporary vocal classes and the choir. Catherine immediately put her at ease when she met her for the first time and has helped her achieve so much in just over a year; lots of festival certificates, her first 2 musical theatre exams and a trophy! She’s even taken part in (and won) talent competitions on holiday - something she’d never have done before meeting Catherine. Catherine inspires the children and provides them with opportunities to be the best they can be. I’d recommend her and her academy, my daughter loves her!" L Watkins

"Passionate, Driven, focused, teacher who really help her students reach their potential thanks for all your hard work." J Hughes

"Catherine teaches my six year old daughter (and her friend) piano and singing and she is kind, gentle and encouraging with them both. She also teaches piano, keyboard and singing at Ormskirk School. The students (and we) think she is absolutely fantastic - she works tirelessly to cater for their individual tastes and needs. Catherine is great at preparing students for exams and competitions and achieves fantastic results. I can HIGHLY recommend her as a teacher." A Wood

"Catherine is the best singing teacher I could have ever wished for. She gave me the confidence to go out and perform on stage singing the songs I love the most. Training for Musical Theatre with Catherine was honestly the best thing I ever did. From developing and strengthening my voice to really bringing each and every character alive - Catherine has been the best! She has given me so many opportunities for my singing including performing in many different types of shows and even achieving my grades with merit and distinction in musical theatre! I'm now on the journey to achieving my dreams and studying at the London College of Music for a BA (Hons) Degree in Musical Theatre and I can hands down say Catherine has played an enormous part in getting me here. Thank you for everything, I will treasure every memory and laugh we shared together during my singing lessons and shows! Great teacher and definitely a great friend! x" C Thompson

"I have known Catherine many years and she has been a fantastic mentor and music teacher to my daughter, successfully guiding her through her graded musical theatre exams, all at distinction level. This lovely lady is a very rare find..a beautiful person with an amazing talent. I was delighted to have Catherine accompany my son on ukulele to sing me down the aisle at my recent wedding. Her acoustic vocal will stay with me forever..it was simply beautiful. So many of our guests passed positive comment on her heartfelt performance and I cannot recommend her enough. Any bride and groom would be honoured to have her perform...a true professional with outstanding performance quality and technical knowledge. Catherine, thank you for the moment and for the memory x" E Lowe

"Catherine is a true gem. Not only does she teach students technical skills to be able to play and perform music but provides students with top notch theory skills. One of my children has suffered with stage fright and nerves for many years that has resulted in missed parties and even a missed performance 12 months ago. Catherine has not only given her skills to control her nerves but taught her how to really come out of her comfort zone. The performance my daughter gave last night was far beyond anything she's done before which she thoroughly enjoyed. My other daughter has gone from being shy about performing to playing a beautiful music piece in her school concert. Catherine not only gives her student superb skills but she gives us parents memories. Forever grateful." M Hopwood

"I've been having lessons with Catherine for more than 4 years and I can't recommend her enough! She's always been incredibly helpful and supportive, and allowed me to go in to my exams feeling prepared and confident :)" C Tittle

"My daughter Beth has been with Catherine for 8 years, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She steered Beth towards a level 7 in classical and musical theatre . She is an excellent teacher and always so upbeat with her students." K Readman-Dyke

"Catherine is a fantastic singing tutor, my daughter has progressed so much with Catherine's support and teaching...makes lessons fun and enjoyable." S Hendry

"Lessons very thorough and organised well. Highly recomend." E Lowe

"Catherine is a great teacher. Both my kids are coming on really well since Catherine started teaching them. A distinction in her first exam says it all! 
Thanks Catherine. Please keep it up."
G May

"Two of my children have enjoyed keyboard and singing lessons with the lovely Catherine - she is an absolute delight -highly recommended."  A Cotterall

"Catherine is an amazing teacher, I was so shy and under confident when I first started lessons. Since having lessons with Catherine I am no longer a statue on stage, I am confident in my voice. My voice has come a long way and I would never have achieved my amazing Grade exams without her!!" Beth, Age 18

"Being a complete piano beginner, aged 50, isn't easy! Lucky for me, though, that I came across Catherine, who's cheerful and patient teaching has given me the confidence to get through exam grades, and to play pieces that once looked like a foreign language to me! I am so grateful that I have added another dimension to my life, that gives me such a boost. Thank you, Catherine." T Caton. 

“Catherine is an awesome teacher. I have been having piano lessons with her for two years and have achieved my Grade 1 in piano and am working towards Grade 2. I look forward to my lessons each week as Catherine makes the lessons fun and enjoyable.” Rebecca, Aged 9.

"I’ve had lessons with Catherine for around three years now and I’ve gained a lot from them. I have improved my singing skills and grown in confidence. When I started lessons I had never sung in public, now I have entered a local talent show and sung at a few events including birthday parties, weddings and I have even completed my grade 5 and am currently working towards my grade 6. All my lessons are relaxed and I look forward to them every week!” Beth, Age 16

“I’ve been having Singing lessons with Catherine for nearly five years now! In five years I’ve gained so much. I’ve done three Musical Theatre exams and three Classical singing exams. I’ve also done many Music festivals getting placed 2nd or 3rd in some songs and this year I am hoping to get a 1st. I’ve also sang in shows she has put together and helped her out at times with some of her younger students. We’ve gone on trips and she’s taken a few of us on an open mic night to help us gain confidence. One of my favourite memories with Catherine was when she took us to see ‘Blood Brothers’ and then organised a workshop with some of the cast members. I’ve recently started with Catherine again after having to leave for a few months and my first lesson back felt like I’d never left at all. I started with Catherine as a shy, squeaky and very nervous 14yr old and through the years she has helped me gain so much confidence, taught me how to control my breathing, diction and posture. She’s pushed me hard and always knows what songs would suit me best. Now being nearly 19yrs old I am going to take my Grade 7. Catherine has trained me to sing Classical songs helping me with songs in Italian, German and French and I feel it’s such an achievement to be able to do this. And how could I forget the day we were on TV for Children In Need. Not everyone gets opportunities to do things like that. Catherine’s helped me set dreams and targets for the future and has made me also want to become a Singing teacher. She’s helped me accomplish so much in five years. I don’t class Catherine as just a singing teacher but a friend as well as she’s always there to talk to and knows how to cheer me up when I am down. She’s a brilliant role model and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.” Beth, Aged 18. 

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